Thursday, 31 December 2009


I'm positive,though nothing as such seems right
asking to trust thyself, believing that the future will be bright!

As a child we always wanted to grow up fast
but the 'happy realisation' phase has come at last.
Being a grown up is much different from what we thought, as a child
now that we are pushed into this reality, our thoughts have started running wild!

What to do? Where to go? What exactly do we want?
is it a life like a showpiece, the one which we can flaunt!
Or are we running after peace, comfort and satisfaction
a decent life where we can put all are plans into action?

Money plays a major role in all are plans, in whatever we think
but its sad to see our money tree, not grow but shrink.
still the hope that it will grow again allows us to play the risky game
and just in case our plan fails, people are more than ready to say 'oh what a shame!'

So is it the fear of losing that hold us back, or is it poor decision making
or is it some stupid peer pressure, or even worse, a serious relationship breaking?
Is this all that complicated or we making it by thinking too much?
or are many now available options to blame, as our previous genrerations didnt face these problems as such!

The one's who finally decide what to do, for them its still too far to reach there
they do know the final destination but wonder right now they are going where?
Study to get good marks, struggle to get a job
prove yourself at each point or else you will remain just another in the mob.

We are getting a taste of the ratrace, though with a pinch of salt
but we decided all for ourselves, so who's to blame and who's at fault!
There are also one's who take decisions under a force of parents or someone else
They are just making life more difficult for them by running after what sells.

In spite of being sincere, smart, educated, creative, innovative and intelligent
In this intense race you will always find one with yet another quality about which you were always negligent.

This is all the other side of positivity,
people named it negativity, turning it round is your own ability.
all u need in life is not to quantify things but focus on quality!

- Dipti

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