Saturday, 13 March 2010

What’s bothering me?

Ans: You aren’t dancing……

From almost 2-3 months now, I have not been, what I used to be. I was smiling as ever but it had lost its magic. I was doing my daily chores but it looked like a burden of responsibility to me. I was studying most of the time in the day but hardly understanding or rather hardly liking what I was studying. I was cribbing about most stupid things ever and I was sleeping for long hours which I have never done.I realised that of late I wished to be alone and not be disturbed by anyone for hours together. Even when I was alone I was not doing anything productive, I was just thinking about, well nothing….All in all I was not happy.I then figured out that something is terribly wrong with me. Soon I realised its DANCE.

Right from the age I have started understanding things I have started dancing. It is certainly something more than a hobby to me. Dance really means life to me and I had stopped doing it all together. I didn’t realise it till now because from the time I have come to the University of Warwick, some study or the other, some work or the other has always been there. I thought that now, I need to really get serious in life and study till I drop like many other folks over here. But I forgot that it’s something I have never done till now. I have never ONLY studied. There had to be some or the other co-curricular activity to go with it and surprisingly that was not a hurdle but a key to success for me, if not always success at least, satisfaction.

Dance for me is a way of expression, a medium of communication to myself and to the whole world. If I dance like a free bird that means that I am happy. If I dance aggressively that means that I am angry. If I dance with constrains that means somebody is not allowing me to do something. If I dance like a crazy that means it’s usual me.
Then one day I decided let’s just forget everything for a moment and dance, ‘Dance like nobody’s watching’ and I found myself again. That was a moment to cherish. I was so contented from inside out. I found that freshness, that creativity, that madness which was long lost somewhere. It is such a nice feeling, as if ‘All izz well’. Come any problem I will face it. Come what may I will go through it bravely as always.

I am sure like me, everybody has something or the other that defines them or actually that completes them. I was definitely incomplete without dance and music. So anytime if something is bothering you, or you are not happy for no specific reason, try and do what you love to do. It might sound crazy and foolish to other people, but it means something else to you, that is what brings smile on your face and if it is childish to your age, it is good to be a child sometimes. I realised it all and I am undoubtedly back to myself now, enthusiastic and lively.

Truly hobbies are not something to be treasured; they are something to live with.