Monday, 30 December 2013

...its all about love!

While a lot has been written spoken sung about this,
I thought whatever happens, I’ll surely give this a miss!

How much ever I neglected, the feeling had to strike,
and hence I start writing about it, Oh so much unlike!

With love there’s nothing true or fake or no losses and gains,
Love is the one which clicks, eventually matures and then remains.

At times it clicks together for both, they are the lucky ones,
for the one sided ones it’s though, where in the hard way one learns.

You can’t force anyone to love you, you can’t ask them to stay,
this will just make you look weak and will also push them away.

Love is the one which gives you strength, encourages you to scale high,
It’s when you glow from within, no alcohol can give you that high!

As love matures you either get bored of being together else hate each other,
Then you either ask for space else decide never to meet going further.

If the distance drifts you apart then be happy because it wasn't love after all,
it was just your habit and convenience where you failed to take a cautious call.

If the distance brings you closer and you understand each other’s worth,
then you realize that wherever you are together that’s the best place on earth.

To be in love is magical, one just needs to love unconditionally,
however angry you may get; you will forgive the person eventually.

To fall in love and understand it, is something one shouldn't ignore, 
as the pain in love is temporary while the happiness galore.