Thursday, 29 July 2010

Being absolutely clueless.

Technically I am supposed to write 12 thousand words for my dissertation, I don’t know why am I writing here…There starts my blog - Being absolutely clueless.
I never thought that I would enjoy or be compelled to enjoy such a phase. My mom says that such a phase comes in every person’s life, that’s where he learns not about his studies, his career, his job or his stability but about his life.

Being clueless or confused can be a result of 2 situations:

1. You have nothing to do…and you are just plainly wasting time.
2. You have so much to do and think of…..that you kind of get stuck.

I am certainly in the 2nd condition. The language in this blog will be very informal…because I have to be strictly formal with those 12 thousand words….so I need to shed my informality somewhere.
Why am I clueless? Is it only me or are there people around who sail in the same boat? For a change I know the reasons….

1. My sole companion over laptop with its soul mate - the internet, present before me so many things together….that I tend to forget for what did I put it on.
2. Dissertation…less said better. One can get clueless about everything. The related papers, data, your objective also how to exactly start writing.
3. Facebook: One of the main culprits. You get lost looking at your or some one’s profile or just the news feed, but still because FB in my favourites I just click on it. Thank God I do not play any of those games..(Farmville etc). But facebook does make you clueless…that why now-a-days I am kind of successful in avoiding it. I hope it continues.
4. Job: What? Where? When? Which? I have all these questions. If there is something that comes in this case with consistency….those are rejections. So clueless again but not pessimistic. I have decided to be hopeful on this note always, as that is the only way.
5. Shifting house: Again where? In the same city, or in some other bigger city or in a different country altogether…all options hold. Clueless again.
6. Time: I always wonder how my 24 hrs of the day just vanish magically. I am completely clueless about this.
7. In general: now this is to wind up- being clueless about: what to buy from the market? (read Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc , what to cook? What to do when I do not want to study? What all should I worry (or think about) etc.
(The reason for jotting down in points is being influenced by my supervisor who said that: ‘things written in points are better understood than those written in paragraphs, when you have to summarise something’.)

But then maybe there will come a time in life where everything will be so predictable, so planned that you can’t move away from it. You cannot plan you day the way you want to. Your then busy routine (presuming that you will work and also get married) will take over all the freedom of balancing your life.
So why not enjoy this clueless phase, make the most of it. Just by remembering the main goals behind it, working towards it and then doing what you want. I then think, there are so many people who must be carving to have such 24 hrs in hand as I have right now. So if managed well, this can be one of the phases to be remembered. It is not actually all that confusing. I think I have a clue of it now.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The perfect planning syndrome.

I suffer (better to put it as, I live) with this syndrome. Planning my days, weeks, months, years almost the whole life is something I enjoy doing. It is my favourite daydreaming activity. I also believe that there are people like me, even if they are not, I still believe, ha ha.

It is really helpful during trips. If you have a planner with you, he will make sure that the trip is planned with back ups. Where to go, which places are best to see, what you should take along with you, what time you should leave (he is so planned that he tells everybody an hour before the actual leaving time, so that everybody turns up on time).All this planning comes near perfection by the grace of everything available online these days.The scariest thing is shopping. When we go for trips I have observed people shopping like crazy, they shop as if they will not get those things where they live or this is their last and final time of shopping in the whole life. A sincere confession though, I don’t like planned shopping because whenever I plan and step out, I don’t find those things I want and when I don’t plan and don’t carry enough money, I see those things all around.

This syndrome is also great for parties and get-togethers also surprise birthday parties (but it’s sad when it’s the planner’s birthday, he can’t expect the same). I think if a party is perfectly planned no one will get bored. A party should be packed with games, fun, lot of interactions followed with food and drinks, I love planning all such stuff also.
Giving surprises on birthdays has been my (and few other friend’s) favourite hobby since our college days. This is the one I like the best. Because it is great to see that one smile on your friends face when they get something as a surprise. We have done crazy things to see those smiles. But the only thing that irritates is asking others to be a part of it and shell out money, some times people just get too annoying. A good planner should make sure that he gets money from everyone much before the party otherwise he will have to run behind his own friends to get it back. Money management is actually a separate independent branch of perfect planning.

There is also something called family planning, but let’s not discuss it here. People good at other planning should be obviously good at this, but unfortunately statistics say that many great planners have terribly failed in this case.

Let us come to studies now. A big pause here for a hearty laugh (as these are antonyms – studies x planning). But I do make an honest attempt to plan my studies from a weekly test, submissions to the main exams. But if and when this planning fails, one has to face the consequences and I mean serious ones at times. All the goof ups in between are to be adjusted on the night before the exam. But any kind of student magically manages that. Great isn’t it! But on a serious note, it is really helpful to at least have a rough plan of how we are going to study and by what deadline do we ‘intend’ to finish and start revision ( if revision really exists). So this syndrome has positive effects here. I think same goes in case of work. If you plan your targets and work accordingly, success is almost sure. But I don’t have enough experience in this as I don’t have a job, I am still in the struggling unemployed league. (somebody please give me a job).

Another important thing where planning helps is at multitasking. This has also been my hobby since school days. It sometimes becomes a habit; I find it difficult to concentrate if I just have one thing at hand. The best example here is of the working women. They are great at multitasking – job, husband, children, in-laws, relatives from both sides and obviously being the home minister. Hats off to them. But just imagine what level of planning it all takes! So a woman who is good at planning will find it easier but gradually all women learn. Also comes here is time management .Like money management, time management is also a branch of this syndrome.

However excessive of this syndrome is dangerous. I have seen people obsessed with planning. They plan each and everything and make their life boring and dull. We should allow something’s to be done all of a sudden without much of thinking going behind it. What if planning fails? Can all of us take that? I have struggled with it as well. When something I plan does not work out, I am disturbed for a day or two and then I make a new plan, accepting my ( or sometimes others) mistake. So I have learnt that one should be a little flexible with this perfect planning syndrome. Also one should learn to accept times when planning fails.

All said and done, perfect planning syndrome works most of the times but only in moderation and certain things in life go better un-planned.
Finally as practice makes man perfect, planning definitely brings him closer to it.