Tuesday, 29 December 2009


The two most wonderful people I have met
the way they've brought me up, the rules they've set
I will always remember whatever they've said
but now its time to move ahead.
I'm leaving behind my home alone
just to go in an apartment of my own!

Whatever happened I knew that I had a shoulder to cry
with each of my achievement we were three of us to enjoy
at times at them I would scream n shout
but whenever I was late home, there was never an inch of doubt.
I'm leaving behind that care n security
to risk my life everyday, to keep the soul of purity!

I will surely miss the gossips and the time spent with friends
there were also silly fights where at your each point someone defends.
I'm leaving behind those arguments n also the times of fun
Just to have some more of it under an entirely new sun!

Its time to take risks n make sure that each strategy is OK
if all goes well I would be lucky courtesy UK
I'm leaving behind the tension of the huge investment made
as these investment start paying back these worries will gradually fade!

All in all it will be a great experience
and I would learn from every bit of it
with all new places n people surrounding me
it will be exciting to know how well I fit?
I'm leaving behind my country to be back as a new personality
and certainly looking forward for a new life, to create my own identity.

- Dipti ( Sept 2009)

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  1. o madam, pudhe pan liha kaitari..tumhi ajun 2009 madhech aahat vatta?